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In Global Ases we count on professional expertees from very different sport and management fields in order to provide a complete service to our players and teams, that gives response to the professional, economic, personal and image needs.

Sport Services
For football players

From junior to professional teams, our mission is based on giving solutions to those players who trust in our company, so they can reach their aspirations. And we do it from the honesty needed to create transparency-based player-agent relationships.

In Global Ases we count on professional expertees from different management and sports fields to ensure success in the negotiation of the contracts of our represented clients regardless of the category in which they play.

In that sense, in Global Ases we try to manage the agreements in an efficient, reserved and professional way, including, as well as the terms and conditions by themselves, all the juridic and economical aspects derived from the transfers, change of address of the player, relationships with communication media or the collaboration needed in familiar issues that can occur.

Sport Services
For the Teams

Another field in which we are focused on is sportive advice to those football teams that require effective, quick and quality responses to cover the needs of their templates and technic organigrams.

As we count on professionals with a wide experience in all football categories, professional and semiprofessional, in Global Ases we have excellent contacts with many entities either in First, Second A, Second B or Third Division. These honesty and confidentiality-based relationships, have a common objective, which is the best benefit for both, institutions and football players.

That is why we adapt our work philosophy with the players to the relationships with the teams, to whom we give different services of sports’ consultancy:

  • Deep study of templates to analyse their capacities and needs.
  • Design, structuration and organization of templates.
  • Hiring coaches and technical teams adjusted to the characteristics and work methods of each team.
  • Intervention between teams and football players in sportive, federative and occupational transactions, etc.

Finantial, fiscal
and accounting advice

With the objective of keeping our football players calm, Global Ases offers finantial advice to its represented clients through a wide range of services oriented to help them finding an optimal wealth and incomes’ management.

As the career of a football player is relatively short, we make emphasis in understanding, from transparency, the economical and accounting needs of the football players in different fields:

  • Taxes and income management.
  • Deep analysis of strategic investments.
  • Insurances for the wellbeing of the player.
  • Properties, loans, and mortgages.
  • Pension plans, etc.

Juridic and legal personalized advice

Global Ases has a collaboration agreement with a professional office specialized in Working Law and Master in FIFA Agent, which can ensure that all of our players can count on all the guarantees and the necessary advice during their careers.

Their experience as lawyers in working and sports’ fields allows them to offer the represented clients an overall legal advisement in all items in which they could be interested:

  • Working Law (working contracts, pensions, disability, benefits, etc.)
  • Administrative Law
  • Civil Law, etc.

Communication and marketing strategic plans

Marketing and communication have become a basic pillar for an efficient management in football players’ image. This is why in Global Ases we pay special attention to this area.

In this sense, our mission is focused on designing and developing personalized strategic plans for each represented client. The wide range of services includes:

  • Marketing
  • Public relationships
  • Social media management and advisory
  • Communication office and press
  • Advertising and sponshorship contracts
  • Social work projects, etc.

Wellness-oriented added services

In Global Ases we try to make easier our football players’ and their families’ lives. And we do so, by giving concrete solutions to all the worries and needs that can occur in their daily lives.

Personalized attention and the loyalty to our represented clients are two signs of our company’s identity. That is the reason why we pay special attention to all the details that can help the football players to concentrate exclusively in his career and then, have more time to spend with his family and friends:

  • Mobile phone contracts
  • Travelling management
  • Cars’ acquisition and insurance management
  • Real state advice

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